Anne Richardson in a conversation.

Anne Richardson
Principal + Media Director

Anne launched Richardson Media Group to share her knowledge of today’s complex media marketplace. She brings extensive experience developing targeted media plans for organizations across a variety of industries, including financial services, technology, non-profits and education. Our clients value her deep understanding of the ever-changing paid media landscape, her strategic focus, and her thoughtful approach to campaign management. We love her commitment to maintaining the highest standards and her passionate vision for our future.

Brenda Brooks professional photo.

Brenda Brooks
Marketing Operations Manager

Brenda brings 12 years of college admissions and enrollment management experience to Richardson Media Group. Much of her career has centered around developing strategic higher education recruitment and communications plans with a focus on lead generation and conversion. She leverages her extensive experience to provide administrative and project-related support to ensure campaigns run smoothly from start to finish.

“I've always ​enjoyed assembling the many puzzle pieces of a successful media plan. There’s something ​incredibly satisfying watching it fit together and begin to perform.”

~ Anne Richardson
Marco Motolla, Digital Media Buyer.

Marco Mottola
Digital Media Strategist

Marco brings well-honed marketing skills to the execution of complex digital advertising campaigns that use paid social, mobile in-app, video, paid search, display, retargeting, and a host of additional audience delivery methods. Our clients value his technical know-how and dedication to optimizing digital campaigns that produce measurable results.

Leah Sommer, Media Buyer.

Leah Sommer
Media Planner/Buyer

Leah has spent more than 15 years on the front lines of the rapidly evolving paid media frontier helping clients across a wide spectrum of industries. She is a holistic thinker who approaches problem-solving with equal parts people and numbers; considering both the art and science involved in building strategic solutions through both traditional and digital advertising tactics.