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Thanks for landing at the BSuite! Hosted by agency principal and media director, Anne Richardson, the BSuite podcast generates ideas and connects listeners with purpose-driven leaders who inspire creativity and growth across a wide range of industries. Conversations include real-life entrepreneurial stories, revealing the complexities of running an organization with a socially responsible mission. We’ll continue to celebrate RMG’s B Corporation certification and dig into what that important designation means to businesses like ours, both inside the marketing arena and beyond. 

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"Bees" and "Business"

With the “B” in BSuite standing for bees, benefit corporation and business, our goal is to utilize our podcast as a platform to educate others about sustainable and socially responsible causes and to explore what it means to do business for good. We’ll do this in a few ways:

  • We welcome guests employing similar mission-driven values at their own organizations.
  • Occasionally, Anne will take the mic to share her unique owner’s journey.
  • We love to feature nonprofit organizations dedicated to “taking an educational approach” to issues around sustainability and social justice on the program.

Season Three is currently in the works and we can’t wait to go live with new content that reflects this thoughtful and incredibly important agenda. We welcome your ideas for topics and guests. Connect with us via email or complete the form below! See you at the BSuite!

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