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BSuite podcast episode 1 Season 2

Living Your Values with Stratus Telecom, Featuring Becca Houghton

We kick off Episode One of Season Two of the BSuite with a joyful exploration of the connection between purpose and professionalism with our guest, Becca Houghton, Chief Sustainability Officer at Stratus Telecom in Maine. Becca and Anne share a mutual interest in building their personal commitments into their company

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Opinion: The Media Planner/Buyer Is Here to Stay

I read an article the other day claiming that the service of media planning is “up for grabs” in today’s advertising marketplace. The author’s premise was that the comprehensive media planning model must compete with a growing list of alternatives offered to clients who may not know how to differentiate between these options. Publishers and other media companies package media planning and buying into their capabilities and many digital agencies who build websites have started to help their clients promote them, too. Let’s not forget the big tech giants that have made self-service advertising appear far easier than it really is.

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Firefighting gear at the Maynard Fire Department.

Sometimes We Wear Different Hats

Every once in awhile, we take a little detour from our media planning & buying work to support our client’s initiatives outside of the realm of advertising. Last week we had one of those days. We donned our director caps and drove to Maynard, Massachusetts to coordinate a video shoot for StationSmarts, a long-term client of ours who has built a software platform to address the records management needs of fire departments. To be honest, StationSmarts is a bit of an anomaly, compared to our typical clients. Our relationship has not included paid media campaigns, at least not at present, instead, it requires us to tap into our content generation skills via blog writing, email marketing, as well as the occasional photo and video shoots. We like it because it brings a bit of diversity to our client portfolio.

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Anne outside the door of the Richardson Media Group office.

In addition to her role as owner and media director here at RMG, Anne authors the majority of our blog posts and hosts our BSuite podcast. Favorite topics for both platforms include the entrepreneurial journey, sustainability + social responsibility, media planning, media buying, and forming productive agency partnerships.