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5 Podcasts That Led Us To Launch Our Own

Whether you’re looking to learn more about history, take up a new hobby, train your favorite canine, hone your leadership skills, or pursue numerous other worthy endeavors, there is likely a podcast out there for you. One of the fastest-growing communication forms in the country, a study by Podcast Insights

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Working Remotely: Technology We Use Everyday

We are a very small agency, with just two full-time employees on-site and the rest of our team virtual, so in many ways, remote work is easier for us than it may be for larger organizations trying to manage the behaviors and routines of numerous employees. As a business owner, my goal is to maintain open communication channels between my staff and clients. Offering kindness, patience and compassion is so important, especially during this enormously stressful time.

Instead of writing another “Tips on How to Work from Home” article, I’d like to use this post to give a shout-out to the software companies we utilize every day to keep our agency processes moving forward efficiently and accurately. I’ll start with our media planning and buying software, move into a few of our production/organizational tools and finish with our data and reporting dashboard. I’m excited to share these great products with you and encourage you to check out the links I’ve included to each service for more details

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The Shark's Fin

The Leadership Lessons I learned From Meru

Over the summer, our house was full of college-age kids. Two of them happen to be mine, and then there were the extra friends who ended up staying with us for a while. Running a modified boarding house makes me quite happy, actually. From the time they started school, I’ve always encouraged my children to bring their friends around. It’s when everyone keeps coming back – for food, sleep, laundry facilities or just to pull up a chair for some thoughtful conversation – that I know I’ve done something right!

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On Becoming a More Socially Responsible Business

Richardson Media Group has embarked upon a journey to become a more sustainable, socially responsible business. We recently joined New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility. Our team has regular conversations about how to apply what we are learning about social responsibility to our professional services business. Now that we are shining a brighter light onto our collective purpose, we realize that our sustainability story began years ago.

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Brenda Brooks, Marketing Operations Manager.

Brenda Brooks, Former Director of Admissions at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law, Joins Richardson Media Group

Brenda’s background in college admissions and enrollment management makes her an invaluable addition to our team.
This summer, Brenda Brooks became the newest member of the Richardson Media Group team after spending the past 12 years in college admissions and enrollment management. Much of her career centered around developing strategic recruitment and communications plans with a strong focus on lead generation and conversion.

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Eagle Festivals, Ice Floes, And The Power Of Compromise

Saturday dawns. The temperature outside is hovering around 20 degrees, and I hear the wind rattling the window panes in our old Victorian as I head downstairs to put the coffee on. My first cup in hand, I settle into the couch in front of the big wood stove that’s been beaming heat into the living room all night. A novel I’ve been meaning to finish reading sits waiting for me, as do a few precious hours of quiet time. Now, if I could only find my glasses?

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Enterprising Women at the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth

Enterprising Women

When entrepreneurial women get together to share their stories of business ownership, you can almost guarantee the room will be a-buzz with positive energy. And that’s exactly what happened when I had the privilege of joining two fellow business owners behind the podium at a recent Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth breakfast event.

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Tugboats at work on the harbor in Portsmouth, NH.

Finding Our New Home in Portsmouth, NH

It’s human nature to seek out comfortable grooves and settle into them. Routines, schedules, relationships, habits (even unhealthy ones) tend to stick to us and can be difficult to alter. Most people resist upsetting the delicate balance of things, especially if there’s nothing wrong with the status quo.

Suffice it to say, change can be frightening.

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Group fist-bumping across a conference table strewn with laptops and notebooks.

The Benefits of Virtual Partnerships

There are five universal truths to establishing and holding onto successful business partnerships:
Maintain open and honest communication
Set reasonable expectations
Pay fairly and promptly
Be generous with referrals
Share mutual successes

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Anne outside the door of the Richardson Media Group office.
In addition to her role as owner and media director here at RMG, Anne authors the majority of our blog posts. Favorite topics include the entrepreneurial journey, media planning and buying, and forming productive agency partnerships.