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The Media Planner and Buyer’s Toolkit

The first question media planners and buyers always should ask new customers is why they have decided to invest in a paid media strategy. While it may seem like a throw-away question, it tells us a lot up front about how well our clients understand the mechanics of advertising. By

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Where We Stand Re: #StopHateForProfit

Our agency places ads across a multitude of digital and traditional advertising platforms. For quite some time, we’ve been aware of Facebook’s failing report card in regards to the perpetuation of hate speech and harassment. In recent months, this situation has taken on a new sense of urgency and forced

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Comparing Awareness vs. Conversion Campaigns

One of the most important questions we ask new clients is, “What are you hoping to achieve by running this media campaign?”

Typically, clients answer this question in one of three ways:

  1. They may have launched a new product or service and are looking to build awareness and boost exposure.
  2. They may be more established and looking to drive leads or increase purchases online or in-store.
  3. Then there’s a combination of the first two answers: Many clients express dual goals of lifting awareness while concurrently driving conversions.

Regardless of whether you call this third type of media campaign a hybrid, a combo, or a mix, the majority of our clients seek to generate a blend of awareness and conversion outcomes. As media planners, we have a range of tactics at the ready to help our clients achieve their desired objectives.

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Working Remotely: Technology We Use Everyday

We are a very small agency, with just two full-time employees on-site and the rest of our team virtual, so in many ways, remote work is easier for us than it may be for larger organizations trying to manage the behaviors and routines of numerous employees. As a business owner, my goal is to maintain open communication channels between my staff and clients. Offering kindness, patience and compassion is so important, especially during this enormously stressful time.

Instead of writing another “Tips on How to Work from Home” article, I’d like to use this post to give a shout-out to the software companies we utilize every day to keep our agency processes moving forward efficiently and accurately. I’ll start with our media planning and buying software, move into a few of our production/organizational tools and finish with our data and reporting dashboard. I’m excited to share these great products with you and encourage you to check out the links I’ve included to each service for more details

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Opinion: The Media Planner/Buyer Is Here to Stay

I read an article the other day claiming that the service of media planning is “up for grabs” in today’s advertising marketplace. The author’s premise was that the comprehensive media planning model must compete with a growing list of alternatives offered to clients who may not know how to differentiate between these options. Publishers and other media companies package media planning and buying into their capabilities and many digital agencies who build websites have started to help their clients promote them, too. Let’s not forget the big tech giants that have made self-service advertising appear far easier than it really is.

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2019: Another Remarkable Year For Greater Boston’s Media Planning + Buying Agency

Measuring media planning and buying success for our clients and ourselves.
A new year is a natural jumping-off point, a time to think about future goals and set our sights on what’s up ahead. It’s a busy time for a media planning and buying agency as we prepare to launch new campaigns in the new year. It’s also the season when we look back over the past year, acknowledging (and celebrating) successes and finding meaning in the challenges we may have encountered.

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How To Achieve Share Of Voice By Balancing Reach + Frequency In Media Planning

To be successful, media planning must focus on achieving ample share of voice when advertising within a specific market.
Media planning is the process of researching and assembling recommendations on the most effective advertising platforms to raise awareness of and drive engagement with a brand. Media directors consider a host of factors when planning an advertising campaign. Experienced media planners think carefully about how deeply a campaign engages its target audience, how many times that group sees the ads, and how many other competitive messages that group experiences within the defined market. Together, those three key components — reach, frequency, and share of voice — work to achieve your campaign goals.

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Best Practices for Pairing Traditional and Digital Advertising

Traditional media is an integral part of any multi-layered campaign. And it pairs perfectly with digital advertising.
The most effective media plans incorporate both digital and traditional advertising. The combination of these two media categories works best when brought together into one, cohesive campaign.

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When The Agency Becomes The Client: Launching An In-House Advertising Campaign (Part 3)

The benefits, lessons, and limitations of a single-tactic campaign
This is the final installment in a three-part series exploring our decision to launch a paid media campaign for our own company. The first installment talks about the factors we considered in making the decision to advertise. The second installment talks about the process of media planning and media buying.
Our decision to run a media campaign to promote Richardson Media Group, was driven by two factors. First, we wanted to experience sitting in the client’s seat for a change so that we could better understand what it felt like to be on the receiving end of a media campaign. Second, we were curious to find out whether we could drive any significant lead generation via a small (actually tiny) budget/single tactical effort. The results of our campaign were somewhat surprising! What follows is a review of the campaign details and a summation of campaign results and delivery metrics.

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When The Agency Becomes The Client: Launching An In-House Advertising Campaign (Part Two)

Going through the media planning and buying process, and gaining a few insights along the way.
This is the second in a three-part series exploring our decision to launch a paid media campaign for our own company. The first installment talks about the factors we considered in making the decision to advertise. The third installment describes the results of our advertising campaign.

Last month, we made the decision to go forward with an advertising campaign. So, we set our budget parameters and hand-picked a vendor partner to guide us through the campaign. Now it was time to clarify our media strategy.

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Anne outside the door of the Richardson Media Group office.
In addition to her role as owner and media director here at RMG, Anne authors the majority of our blog posts. Favorite topics include the entrepreneurial journey, media planning and buying, and forming productive agency partnerships.