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When it comes to marketing, questions abound! Our team enjoys providing industry insights and pulling back the curtain on how things really work. As experts in media planning, media buying and SEO we believe in transparency, first and foremost. Instead of smoke and mirrors, we rely on data, best practices and experience to achieve your goals. Give us a call or drop us an email if you’d like us to cover additional FAQ topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

Paid Media

Media is delivered in units called audience impressions, otherwise known as views or “eyeballs.” Reach is the percent of total available audience impressions exposed to your message. Frequency is the number of times your message is seen or heard. The goal of any media campaign is to find the most effective ratio between Reach and Frequency to raise awareness and compel your prospects to take action.

A responsive ad unit is a digital ad on web or mobile that automatically adjusts its size, appearance and format to meet the available space on a page. These types of ads ensure greater impression delivery, create strong visual interest, and usually result in higher engagement with audiences.

The size of your media budget depends on a few factors:

  1. Target audience
  2. Geographic reach
  3. Competitor share of voice
  4. Campaign goals

Another important consideration is how well do your prospective customers know your brand? Are you starting from scratch or seeking to maintain (or grow) an already established level of familiarity? We’d love to chat with you about setting your campaign goals, determining media budgets and all other aspects of the media planning process!

General Marketing

At RMG, we always start by facilitating a strategic intake session with your organization’s stakeholders. During this Q&A we gather information about your marketing goals, competitive environment, past experiences with marketing or advertising and online presence. We use your input to build the foundation of our marketing recommendations.

A web conversion is an action step performed by your target audiences that shows interest and intent. It may be a contact form submission, a phone call or a white paper download. To drive qualified traffic to your website we’ll set up a conversion-focused media campaign combining media tactics proven to move customers and prospects along the awareness spectrum and towards the desired conversion action.

Marketing falls into two categories, “push” and “pull.” On the push side is outbound, which includes advertising, PR, events, and other methods that build consumer awareness and move audiences towards the top of (and hopefully into) the sales funnel. Inbound falls into the pull column. Here, marketers typically use content in the form of direct mail, email, blogging, organic social media, etc. to build a deeper relationship with prospects and pull them further towards conversion. ​

Native ads are paid ads that are designed to blend into the media format where they appear. They compliment the content that a user is viewing on their mobile device or desktop. To the audience, they may not look like ads at all!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows Google and other search engines (like Bing and Yahoo) to recognize, interpret and identify your website based on a series of ever-evolving algorithms. Well-optimized websites appear higher up in search results and are more easily found by users searching online.

SEO is an ongoing effort, not a short-term fix. A few variables affecting timing and results include: your website, industry, competitive environment and continual changes to search engine algorithms. A reputable SEO team will keep channels of communication open and report back to you on a regular basis.

Some factors affecting SEO include: search engine crawl accessibility, relevant content, user experience, page load speed​, titles, tags and descriptions. ​Speak with our team to schedule an initial SEO audit to determine the best place to begin.

Our Agency

We believe we stand out from our peers in two primary ways:

1. We have extensive experience with both digital and traditional media platforms, offering our clients an all-encompassing approach to media planning + buying.

2. Our agency is committed to real-time reporting and optimization of all the media campaigns we manage. We take an educational approach to ensure our clients understand the performance data we share across a wide spectrum of media outlets.

We’d like to say we choose our clients but sometimes they choose us! Either way, we love working with organizations who share our company values and perspectives on the world around us. We typically work with clients in the fields of Secondary and Higher Education, Technology, and Professional Services but we have experience across many industries.

We’re proud to ally ourselves with a talented pool of creative, design, and web development shops. When your Scope of Work calls for services outside of our core competencies, we reach out to our partners, selecting the one(s) we feel will be the best fit for a project. These carefully curated partnerships keep our team lean and highly efficient.

A B Corp (B Corporation) is a for profit organization that has successfully met the rigorous certification standards set by B Lab in five categories: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. 

Our Team

Anne earned her M.Ed. and taught English and social studies at one point in her career. She combines her real-life experience as an educator with her capabilities as a media planner/buyer when working with clients in secondary and higher education.

Marco went to college at the University of Anchorage and lived in the Land of the Midnight Sun for a while after graduation. He keeps his area code because it’s a great conversation starter and he has fond memories of the years he spent there.

Brian is a talented woodworker and also an amateur auto mechanic! He’s fortunate to have a workshop at home where he spends a good deal of his spare time. 

Anne and her team at Richardson Media Group introduced Reach Out and Read to the world of digital advertising by taking an educational approach to their recommendations so that we understand our investment and have a clear set of expectations for campaign outcomes. They’ve worked collaboratively alongside our creative partners and internal marketing team, to guide our campaign set up process with attention to detail and expertise.
Jen Tegan
National Director of Marketing and Communications